Guess Who's the Daddy?


It’s no shock which title is at No1 this week as Take 2’s sequel ‘Bioshock 2’ gets off to a rapturous start.

Just like Take 2’s ‘Grand Theft Auto IV’ (which was their last No1 back in 2008), ‘Bioshock 2’ saw a Tuesday release and overtakes ‘Mass Effect 2’ as the biggest release this year so far.  Ubisoft’s ‘Just Dance’ shows great legs staying at No2 again this week, followed by EA’s ‘FIFA 10’ which is up 53% in sales and has moved up two places to No3 thanks to price promotions.  Activision’s ‘Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2’ slips down to No4 while the next three places are held by Nintendo with ‘Wii Sports Resort’ at No5, ‘New Super Mario Bros. Wii’ at No6 and ‘Wii Fit Plus’ at No7.

Last week’s No1, EA’s ‘Mass Effect 2’, has dropped down to No8 with a decrease of 58% of sales. EA’s Dante’s Inferno’ also has a heavy drop from No4 to No9, while Sega’s ‘Bayonetta’ moves in the opposite direction, up from No38 to No10.

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