Just Cause 2 Swoops in Ahead of Pokémon


Square Enix Europe rack up their second All Formats No1 this year so far (previous being Final Fantasy XIII) with ‘Just Cause 2’ thanks to their subsidiary Eidos Interactive.

The original Just Cause released almost four years ago just missed out on the top spot, debuting at No2 in the All Formats Chart.  Nintendo’s remake of Pokémon Gold and Silver (originally on Gameboy Color) debuts on the DS this week with  ‘Pokémon Soulsilver’ at No2 and ‘Pokémon Heartgold’ at No4, with EA’s ‘Battlefield: Bad Company 2’ sandwiched in between at No3.  Ubisoft’s ‘Just Dance’ moves down a place to No5 followed by Activision Blizzard’s ‘Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2’ which bounces back up to No6 from No10.  Last week’s No1, Sony’s  ‘God of War III’, has dropped down six places to No7 followed by Square Enix’s ‘Final Fantasy XIII’ which has dropped down five places to No8.  Nintendo then finish off the Top 10 with ‘Wii Sports Resort’ at No9 and ‘Wii Fit Plus’ at No10.  Outside of the Top 10 we have Koch Media’s TV tie-in ‘Prison Break: The Conspiracy’ new at No17 and Ubisoft’s ‘Red Steel 2’ debuting at No34.

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