Ubisoft Can't Stop Dancing


Wii gamers can’t stop dancing as ‘Just Dance’ holds on to No1 in the All Formats Chart, handing Ubisoft a total of 4 weeks at No1 in 2010 – the most for any publisher so far this year (ahead of EA with 3 weeks and Sony and Square-Enix with 2 weeks each).

‘Just Dance’ has been the biggest selling Wii game every week this year apart from in week 1 (when it had to contend with Wii Fit Plus). It is also already the 3rd biggest 3rd party Wii game ever in the UK (behind Sega’s Mario & Sonic at the Olympic Games and Take 2’s Carnival Funfair Games). All Top 40 titles drop in sales, but sales of ‘Just Dance’ only dip by 7%, the lowest drop out of all the Top 20 games this week.  ‘Battlefield: Bad Company 2’ leapfrogs ‘Just Cause 2’, climbing one place to No2 with sales down 28%, while sales of Square-Enix’s title drop by 51% as it slips one place to No3.  ‘Modern Warfare 2’ (-46%) is a non-mover at No4 staying ahead of Nintendo’s 5 Top 10 charting games.  Nintendo’s biggest selling game this week remains ‘Wii Sports Resort’ (-25%) up one place to No5, despite a surge from ‘Wii Fit Plus’ (-8%) up 3 places to No6, Pokemon SoulSilver (-42%) and HeartGold (-39%) are both down 2 places to No’s 7 and 9 respectively, while ‘New Super Mario Bros. Wii’ (-37%) holds on to No10. 

In an extremely quiet week for new releases there are no Top 40 newcomers and next week looks like it could well be 5 weeks at No1 for Ubisoft with the imminent release of ‘Tom Clancy’s Splinter Cell: Conviction’ on Xbox 360.

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