Golf is still No1 with launch of FIFA only two weeks away


EA’s ‘Tiger Woods PGA Tour 2004’ (PS2, Xbox, PC and Gamecube) holds on to the No1 spot in the All Formats Chart.

The only new title to enter the All Formats Top 40 this week is Codemasters’ ‘Club Football’ (PS2 and Xbox) in at No2, including 17 different versions on each format based around individual teams from the UK and Europe. The highest re-entry is Microsoft’s ‘Halo: Combat Evolved’ (Xbox and PC) which comes back into the All Formats Top 10 at No8 thanks to the long awaited release of the PC version. ‘The Getaway’ from Sony claims the No1 spot on the All Formats (Budget Price) Chart, knocking EA’s ‘FIFA 2003’ down to No3, with the next FIFA title due in a couple of weeks. The No1 title for Nokia’s new console-mobile phone hybrid that was launched this week is ‘Tomb Raider’ from Eidos.

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