The Toys are Back in Town


Disney’s ‘Toy Story 3’ resumes command of the top spot (-25%) having been held off last week by Activision Blizzard’s ‘Starcraft II’.

A general renaissance of the PS3 version of ‘Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2’ means that the Activision Blizzard multi-format title storms back up to No2 overall (+21%), a position it has not reached since week 3 this year.  It also means that the title is poised to overtake ‘Dr Kawashima’ on DS as the UK biggest unit seller and this may even happen next week. Ubisoft’s Wii ‘Dance on Broadway’ moves up one place to No3 (-4%) and last week’s No1 is now No4, the aforementioned ‘Starcraft II’ (-72%). Rockstar / Take 2’s ‘Red Dead Redemption’ drops to a lowest ever position of No5 after 12 weeks on chart (-19%).  There are 2 new entries this week.  The first is Nintendo’s DS ‘Art Academy’ debuting at No28 and the second is GSP/Avanquest’s ‘Hidden Mysteries: Titanic’ at No32 (+64%) thanks to the launch last week of DS/Wii versions, of which the DS version is up 70% over last week, accounting for 80% of overall sales (PC version launched week 2 this year).

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