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New entry FIFA kicks Pro Evolution Soccer down to No2

EA’s ‘FIFA 2004’ (PS2, Xbox, Gamecube and PS1) deposes Konami’s ‘Pro Evolution Soccer 3’ (PS2) at the top of the All Formats Chart making a total of 3 football titles in the Top 10 with Codemaster’s ‘Club Football’ down from No3 to No8. more


Pro Evo Soccer 3 scores a No1 for Konami

‘Pro Evolution Soccer 3’ (PS2) becomes Konami’s first No1 in the All Formats Chart since the release a year ago of the previous version, achieving the 6th highest weekly sales ever on a single format. more


Golf is still No1 with launch of FIFA only two weeks away

EA’s ‘Tiger Woods PGA Tour 2004’ (PS2, Xbox, PC and Gamecube) holds on to the No1 spot in the All Formats Chart. more


Tiger Woods becomes first ever Golf All Formats No1

EA’s ‘Tiger Woods PGA Tour 2004’ (PS2, Xbox, PC and Gamecube) becomes the first golf title ever to reach No1 in the All Formats Chart, knocking another EA affiliated title ‘SoulCalibur II’ (Gamecube, PS2 and Xbox) down to No2. more