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Let the Battlefield Commence

EA’s drive to compete with Activision in the FPS genre continues to gain momentum with the launch of this week’s new No1, ‘Battlefield 3’ on 360/PS3/PC by EA’s Digital Illusions Creative Entertainment (DICE). more


Caped Crusader Cracks No1 Again

‘Batman: Arkham City’ explodes to the top of the All Formats Chart this week as the 4th biggest launch of the year so far (behind FIFA 12, Gears of War 3 & L.A Noire). more


Forza Starts in Pole Position

Microsoft’s ‘Gears of War 3’ was knocked off the No1 spot three weeks ago by ‘FIFA 12’, but this week the format holder gets its revenge as their new title ‘Forza Motorsport 4’ pips FIFA 12 (-62%) by just over 700 sales to take No1. more


FIFA Does the Double

EA’s ‘FIFA 12’ 2nd week sales may have dropped -68% (units) over the impressive launch week, but this is still enough to claim 13th in the all time weekly unit sales ever tracked on the All Formats Chart and it remains comfortably No1. more


FIFA Fever

EA’s ‘FIFA 12’ claims the third biggest All Formats launch week, outdoing last year’s ‘FIFA 11’ (up 18% in units and 34% in revenue), by overtaking Grand Theft Auto IV, with only the two Call of Duty’s ahead (Black Ops at No1and Modern Warfare 2 at No2). more