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Aliens Vs Predator Invasion

2K Games/Take 2’s ‘Bioshock 2’ only survives for one week at the top of the All Formats Chart, usurped by a more modern-themed FPS from Sega in the form of ‘Aliens Vs Predator’. It is over 10 years since the original AvP was launched, but UK developer ‘Rebellion’ who worked on the original, can now claim the fastest selling game so far in 2010. more


Guess Who's the Daddy?

It’s no shock which title is at No1 this week as Take 2’s sequel ‘Bioshock 2’ gets off to a rapturous start. more


Mass Effect 2 Leads an Unchanged Top 3

‘Mass Effect 2’ tops an unchanged Top 3 this week, despite a sales drop of 64% putting it within touching distance of ‘Just Dance’ (-26%) at No2. more


Mass Effect 2 Gravitates to No1

EA score their first chart topper of the year on the Entertainment Software (All Prices) Top 40 as ‘Mass Effect 2’ is comfortably No1, debuting on Xbox 360 & PC. more