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Just Cause 2 Swoops in Ahead of Pokémon

Square Enix Europe rack up their second All Formats No1 this year so far (previous being Final Fantasy XIII) with ‘Just Cause 2’ thanks to their subsidiary Eidos Interactive. more


God of War 3 Rules Supreme

‘God of War III’ is crowned No1 this week, bestowing Sony with their second game of 2010 to reach the coveted top spot (after ‘Heavy Rain’ reached No1 three weeks ago). In the whole of 2009 Sony only had one week at No1 with ‘Killzone 2’. more


Lucky XIII for Square-Enix

A week on from yet another fastest selling game of the year so far and the record has yet again been smashed – Square Enix’s ‘Final Fantasy XIII’ debuts at No1 on 360/PS3, split 54% PS3 and 46% 360. more


Battlefield Bad Company 2 is a Born Leader

‘Battlefield: Bad Company 2’ explodes into the All Formats Chart at No1 this week, honouring EA with the accolade of being the fastest selling game of the year so far. more


Heavy Rain Storms the Charts

Sony’s decision-based adventure game ‘Heavy Rain’ on PS3 thunders in at No1 this week, claiming Sony’s first No1 since ‘Killzone 2’ which was released this time last year. more