Crysis, what crisis!?


EA’s highly anticipated ‘Crysis 2’ enters at the top of the All Formats Chart this week with EA’s biggest launch of the year so far. The successful PC gaming franchise from German developer ‘Crytek’ comes to consoles for the first time with Xbox 360 accounting for 57% of ‘Crysis 2’ sales, ahead of PS3 with 29% and PC 14%.

LucasArts’ ‘Lego Star Wars III: The Clone Wars’ is also another new entry, debuting at No2 ahead of last week’s No1 ‘HomeFront’ which drops to No3.  It’s a big week for new releases thanks in a large part to the launch of Nintendo’s new 3DS console.  11 out of the 16 new 3DS games launched this week feature in the All Formats Top 40 with 4 represented in the Top 10. ‘Super Street Fighter IV 3D Edition’ is the top selling 3DS launch title, a new entry at No4, ahead of ‘PilotWings Resort’ at No6 and ‘Rayman 3D’ at No9, while ‘Lego Star Wars III’ on 3DS features with its other formats. There were 12 new games on 3DS-only while 4 others (Lego, Sims 3, PES 2011 and Madden) all charted alongside their other formats.  The other new entry (out of the 6 to make it into the Top 10 this week) is ‘The Sims: Medieval’ which debuts at No8, while Square’s new PSP title ‘Dissidia 012: Final Fantasy’ launches at No24.  New 3DS versions mean ‘The Sims 3’  and ‘Pro Evolution Soccer 2011’ shoot up the chart, landing at No’s 17 and 18.  It is refreshing to see that the Top 6 selling 3DS titles are all from different publishers.

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