Zumba Wakes from Slumber


It’s a third stint back at the top for 505 Games and ‘Zumba Fitness’ (+43%), taking a fourth week at No1 since launch of the Wii version back in week 13 this year.

Zumba was last seen at No1 six weeks ago, the title receiving a massive shot in the arm this week as the Wii version jumps 51% to a second best sales week after the launch week.  Last week’s No1 drops to No3 (2K/Take 2’s ‘Duke Nukem Forever’, -58%) and was 14 years in the making.  This week, continuing on the theme of over a decade of patience, Nintendo debut at No2 with ‘The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time’ for 3DS.  After the fanfare launch of 3DS back in week 12, 2011 Nintendo’s ‘Zelda’ 3DS is certainly a title that everyone has been waiting for – week 1 sales are not that far away from the top-selling title so far (Pilotwings Resort) which was a launch title.  Around 20% of UK 3DS owners bought ‘Zelda’ this week.  Of course, ‘Zelda Ocarina of Time’ was originally released on N64 and stormed to No1 in the Christmas Chart of 1998 (week 51/98) breaking all records at the time to shift around 100K in that week.

Square Enix take the next highest new entry at No9 with ‘Dungeon Siege III’ for 360/PS3/PC.  Also new this week at No13 is EA’s ‘Alice: Madness Returns’ also for 360/PS3/PC.  The final new entry is Ubisoft’s Xbox 360 ‘Child of Eden’, a Kinect-enabled multi-sensory rhythm action shooter, which is considered to be the sequel to ‘Rez’, first seen in the UK on Sega’s Dreamcast back in week 3, 2002. 

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