Xbox is #1


It's been almost exactly 8 years since the launch of Microsoft's Xbox 360 (Week 48-2005) and this week we welcome Microsoft's Xbox One.

In terms of hardware sales, 80% of all home consoles sold this week were Xbox One and this new platform outsold the week 1 for Xbox 360 by a factor of 2. There are 16 launch titles for Xbox One of which 14 actually debut this week (2 titles were released last week). 10 out of these 16 appear in the All Formats Top 40 (exactly the same number of titles appeared in the Top 40 of week 48/05).

EA's 'FIFA 14' (+328%) returns to No1 after a 7 week absence - the lead format is the new Xbox One version, which is the biggest selling Xbox One game thanks of course to the 'Xbox One Day 1 FIFA 14 Edition' (featuring a download token of the game, included here). In fact the PS4 version of 'FIFA 14' also debuts here, a week before the launch of PS4 hardware. Activision Blizzards’ 'Call of Duty: Ghosts' (-16%) drops to No2 after 2 weeks at the top (Xbox One/PS4 versions both out prior to this week). EA's 'Battlefield 4' climbs 2 places to No3 (+134%) thanks to the new Xbox One version and Ubisoft remain at No4 with 'Assassin’s Creed IV: Black Flag' (+123%) with Xbox One and PS4 versions both out this week. In terms of Xbox One exclusives Microsoft's 'Forza Motorsport 5' debuts at No5 as the largest of these and also featured as a Hardware/Software Day 1 Edition.

Second in the list of Xbox One exclusives at No7 is Microsoft/Capcom's 'Dead Rising 3', with Nintendo taking the next biggest new release at No9 with 3DS 'The Legend of Zelda: A Link Between Worlds'. The third biggest Xbox One exclusive is right behind at No10 - Microsoft's 'Ryse: Son of Rome'.

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