Top Dog


Ubisoft take their second All Formats No1 of the year, and smash the week 1 sales record for new IP in the process as event title ‘Watch Dogs’ takes the crown.

It eclipses the new IP record set by ‘L.A Noire’ three years ago with an increase of 58%. In terms of units, ‘Watch Dogs’ breaks into the Top 20 for best ever launch weeks taking 17th spot on the list. The new release finds itself in good company with only titles from mega-brands GTA, Call of Duty, FIFA & Battlefield ahead of it. For Ubisoft it’s also a personal best with ‘Watch Dogs’ beating ‘Assassin’s Creed III’ as their biggest launch in the UK by 17%. By format PS4 dominates software sales, boosted by exclusive content and the release of a new Watch Dogs hardware bundle. This accounts for just over 53% of PS4 hardware sales while claiming the credit for a near 94% increase in total sales for the PS4 hardware format this week.

While there is no contest for top spot Wii U exclusive ‘Mario Kart 8’ races comfortably into second place. The much loved series makes an impressive debut becoming the bestselling week 1 for any Wii U title since launch and the second best in the Mario Kart series ever. ‘Mario Kart 8’ like ‘Watch Dogs’ also launches an official hardware bundle this week boosting the sales of Wii U hardware by a whopping 666%, of which 82% are the Mario Kart 8 Bundle. Last week’s No1 ‘Wolfenstein: The New Order’ (-65%) makes way for the newcomers, dropping down to round off the Top 3. With half term in full swing many titles benefit from increased sales. ‘FIFA 14’ (+46%) is at No4 while ‘Minecraft: PS3 Edition’ (+20%) continues to sell strongly despite dropping to No5. Outside the Top 10 there’s a re-entry for ‘Borderlands 2’ which is propelled back into the chart at No18 thanks to the release of the new PS Vita version.

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