Driv3r puts broken street date behind it


‘Driv3r’ becomes Atari’s first All Formats No1 since ‘Enter The Matrix’ a year ago (week 20, 2003), putting last week’s broken launch position of No6 firmly behind it.

The PS2 version has the 11th highest weekly sales of any PS2 game, while the Xbox version has the 5th highest weekly sell through of any Xbox title. ‘Driv3r’ on PS2 also outperforms the highest sales weeks of all other versions of Driver with the best sales week of any title this year. Last week’s No1 Ubisoft’s ‘Tom Clancy’s Splinter Cell: Pandora Tomorrow’ (PS2/XB/PC/GBA) drops to No4, while EA’s ‘Harry Potter – Prisoner Of Azkaban’ (PS2/XB/GC/GBA/PC) falls from No2 to No3. Activision have a good week with ‘Shrek 2’ (PS2/GBA/GC/XB/PC) the only other title in the All Formats Top 10 to move up the chart, climbing from No5 to No2, boosted by the imminent movie release coupled with ‘True Crime: Streets of LA’ (PS2/PC/XB/GC) which re-enters at No34. The highest new release is THQ’s critically acclaimed ‘Full Spectrum Warrior’ (XB) which enters at No6 in the All Formats Chart, giving THQ 4 games in the All Formats Top 40 with Sega/THQ’s GBA title ‘Sonic Advance 3’ up from No39 to No21 in the All Formats Chart and at No2 in the GBA Chart, behind ‘Shrek 2’ at No1. The next highest new release is Ubisoft’s online-enabled RPG ‘Champions of Norrath’ (PS2) which debuts at No19. Codemasters’ new release ‘World Championship Snooker 2004’ (PS2/XB) enters the All Formats Chart at No24, while their flagship title ‘Colin McRae Rally 04’ (PS2/PC/XB) re-enters the Top 40 at No33 due to retailer promotion of the PS2 version. Novalogic’s war-themed FPS ‘Joint Operations: Typhoon Rising’ (PC) enters at No28 ahead of similar titles ‘Medal of Honor: Rising Sun’ (No29) and ‘Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six 3’ (No30).

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