Guitar Hero 5 Hits the Right Note


There are 6 new entries in the Top 40 this week, three of which make the Top 5, two of which constitute the games industry’s own ‘Battle of the Bands’ as ‘Guitar Hero 5’ and ‘The Beatles: Rock Band’ go head-to-head.

The new No1 is Activision Blizzard’s ‘Guitar Hero 5’ which is the first in the series to take an All Formats No1 placing – both ‘Guitar Hero III: Legends of Rock’ and ‘Guitar Hero: World Tour’ (the fourth in the series) reached No4 on the All Formats Chart. Codemasters debut at No2 with ‘Colin McRae: Dirt 2’, one place higher than that achieved by the original ‘Colin McRae: Dirt’ back in week 25, 2007. Eidos’ ‘Batman: Arkham Assylum’ drops from No1 to No3 (-60%) and at No4 we have the last of the big 3 new entries, EA’s ‘The Beatles: Rock Band’ debuts higher than the highest position achieved by either of the previous Rock Band titles (record for this series held by original ‘Rock Band’, No6 in week 21, 2008). 505 Games’ ‘IL2 Sturmovik’ has a storming second week, down just one position to No7 as sales only drop 3% over the initial week. The other new entries this week are Eidos’s ‘Championship Manager 2010’ at No13 (Beautiful Game Studios), Eidos’ ‘Mini Ninjas’ at No15 (IO Interactive, of ‘Hitman’/’Kane & Lynch’ fame - Magic Pockets DS version only) and South Peak Games’ ‘Section 8’ debuting at No22 (Timegate Studios).

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