FIFA Just Holds Off Alan Wake And Lost Planet 2


‘2010 FIFA World Cup South Africa’ (-42%) hits a hat-trick of weeks at No1 despite strong competition from 3 new games making their debuts in the Top 5 this week.

Microsoft’s Xbox 360 title ‘Alan Wake’ enters at No2, only 1,000 sales behind FIFA.  First announced back in 2005 and developed by Finnish Max Payne developer Remedy Entertainment, Alan Wake also tops the Xbox 360 chart almost 12,000 sales ahead of Capcom’s newcomer ‘Lost Planet 2’.  Although released early (on Tuesday rather than Friday) and on both Xbox 360 and PS3, ‘Lost Planet 2’ has to settle for No3 in the All Formats Chart.  Ubisoft’s ‘Just Dance’ falls to its lowest position for 7 weeks, slipping to No4 but maintaining its position as the week’s top selling Wii game despite a 19% drop in sales.  EA have this week’s third new entry at No5 with ‘Skate 3’ and is the most represented publisher in the Top 10 thanks to a 5% rise in sales for ‘Battlefield: Bad Company 2’ at No6.

Xbox 360 and PS3 newcomers ‘Lost Planet 2’ and ‘Skate 3’ enjoy most success on Microsoft’s format with 66% of sales on Xbox 360 for ‘Lost Planet 2’ and 68% for ‘Skate 3’.  ‘Modern Warfare 2’ (-14%) slips down from No3 to No7 after 3 weeks of promotion at retail.  Final Fantasy XIII bounces back into the Top 10 after 8 weeks outside it, up from No14 to No8, boosted by price promotions which push sales up 90%.  Nintendo’s regular big hitters ‘Wii Fit Plus’ and ‘Wii Sports Resort’ fall to No’s 9 and 10 respectively.  Neither title has been out of the All Formats Top 10 since they were launched in July (Wii Sports Resort) and November (Wii Fit Plus) last year.  There are a large number of re-entries this week thanks to strong price promotions at retail, notably ‘Call of Duty: World at War’ back at No15, ‘Nier’ at No23, ‘Lips: I Love the 80s’ at No25, ‘Bioshock 2’ at No30, ‘Bayonetta’ at No31 and ‘Napoleon: Total War’ at No35.

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